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     Oowah Martel is one of those adventurous folk. Deriving from the Pacific Northwest, he's heavily influenced from the flora, mountains, and ocean. Inspiration stems from the natives of North America to his everyday life, which for Oowah isn't so typical. At the age of fourteen his mother gave him a plaque that read, "live your dream, love your life." His mother didn't realize this would change his life as they both knew it.

     Oowah began painting canvas in 2013, that same year he also painted his first three murals. As a self taught artist, he was able to define multiple styles in visual art from abstract to realism. He also took time to learn carpentry, photography, and music. As time grew, he lived out of several cars, vans, and even an RV, chasing his dream of being a paid artist, and learning to appreciate life to the fullest, even when the light grew dim. Through this endless wandering, Oowah created a career as an artist, a young artist that has more than a story to tell, he has a lifestyle to teach. What is this lifestyle I speak of? Well living your dream, and loving your life, of course. 

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